Prehistoric “Monsters”
Introduction: Lesson Plan
Whole GroupExtra Activity
7/8th Grade Teachers
7/8th Grade Teachers
MATERIALSPrehistoric Creature Adaptation Checklist and Drawing Worksheet
Tools for clay
iPads for pictures using Green Screen by Do Ink
Game made by 7/8th Grade Teachers
WHATGoogle Slides of Prehistoric Creatures (and discussion on what these creatures have in order to adapt to their environment)
Intro to creating your own prehistoric “monster”
Go over directions
Parents and teachers will assist students as they go through the process of creating prehistoric “monsters”
For students who finish early, some of 7/8th grade teachers will take the students outside to play the game.
Support for differentiation: (ie visual, auditory, written instructions, peer helper, grouping, modifications for different grades)

2 different Google Slides introducing Prehistoric Creatures for different grade-levels.
Google Slides for Grades 2-3
Google Slides for Grades 4-6
Different Worksheets / Checklist for different grade-levels
NGSS Alignment
Full, more detailed outline of standards & progressions → NGSS Progressions
Life Science
LS1.A Structure and function
LS1.B Growth and development of organisms
Notes and other resources: