Introduction: Slide show/showing types of fossils
Rotation 1Rotation 2Rotation 3
WHEREClassroomOutside classroom on blacktopSmall group room or other side of classroom
WHOTeacher and 7th/8th grade student teachers7th/8th grade student teachers (need 2)7th/8th grade student teachers (need 2)
MATERIALSThis group breaks into 2: ½ using self-drying clay and shark tooth molds and real clam shells; other half looks at ipads or chromebooks; tubs w/sand and real sea shells (clams, mussels)Paleontologist relay race (2 teams) 2 backpacks each containing: a pair of binoculars, visor hat, small notebook, gloves (garden type worked), plastic magnifying glass, and goggles. AND big picture of prehistoric animal cut in 6 pieces.A Jeopardy type of guess the answer board game. Student-designed.
WHATLooking at images/info sites on the computers and then playing a trivia game w/multiple choice (on poster); other half is making an impression w/clay if a shark tooth or seashell to represent a cast fossil. Sand tubs are nearby to “dig up” sea creatures/shellsMake 2 teams. In a relay, one team member competes against other team to dress w/”gear” and put backpack on and run to a designated line, pick up a piece of a designated puzzle and run back, taking off “gear.” At the end of team’s race, a puzzle of 6 pieces should be put together. The team that completes all wins.Each student gets a token to move on a board, advances when an answer is correct. Student teacher asks questions (T or F, or open ended) on fossils.
Support for differentiation: (ie visual, auditory, written instructions, peer helper, grouping, modifications for different grades)
For some of the lower grades, the first rotation in classroom, we built the earth layers in food in a see-thru cup. Crushed oreo cookie, chocolate pudding, whipped cream dyed brownish. This represented the sedimentary layers of rock fossils are found in. There are lots of posters with fossil representations in the room, as well as real fossils to touch. We also had small sand boxes with buried shells to dig up.
NGSS Alignment
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Earth Science
• ESS1.C The history of planet Earth
• ESS2.E Biogeology

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