Wheel of Trouble and Sea Turtle Promises
WHERE Classroom
WHOParent Helper
MATERIALSPictures of Sea Turtles
Copies of the Wheel of Trouble page
Colored Pencils
Lightweight paper plates at least 9” in diameter
Glue stick
Paper fasteners
Green and brown tissue paper cut in 2” squares
White glue
Copies of Turtle body parts page
Build Your Own Sea Turtle
WHATGetting Ready / Prepwork
1. Cut out the circle on the Wheel of Trouble page and tape it to the back of a paper plate.
2. Cut out one segment. You will use this cut-out piece as a template to cut enough paper plates for the class. This will be the shell of your turtle.

How to Make the Wheel of Trouble
1. Show the kids pictures of sea turtles and talk about their natural history. Tell the kids that most sea turtles are endangered or threatened. Explain to the kids that they will be learning why these animals are in trouble by making a special “wheel of trouble”.
2. On the back of the cut-out plate, glue green and brown tissue paper to resemble a turtle shell. Set aside and let dry.
3. Color the pictures on the Wheel of Trouble page, then cut out the circle along the solid outer line.
4. Glue the circle on the back of a paper plate.
5. Cut out the turtle body parts (head, long flippers, short flippers)
6. Arrange the body parts onto the paper plate so that the head is located between the two longest flippers. The shorter flippers belong on opposite sides at the other end of the plate.
7. Glue your turtle body parts to the rim of the plate.
8. Once dry, place the cut-out plate on top of the plate with the pictures and push a paper fastener through the center of both plates.
9. As the kids turn the top or bottom plate, each of the 4 pictures will appear in the cut-out space. Explain that these pictures illustrate the four major problems sea turtles face. For more information, refer to the Wheel of Trouble lesson plan:
Wheel Of Trouble [PDF download]

SeaTurtle Promises
1. As a class, brainstorm ways to protect sea turtles.
2. Have the students write one thing they can do to help sea turtles on the bottom of their Wheel of Trouble turtle.
3. Have each student share their promise to help sea turtles with the class.
4. For more information, refer to the Sea Turtle Promises lesson plan:
Sea Turtle Promises [PDF download]
NGSSLS1.A Structure and function
LS2.A Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
LS1.B Growth and development of organisms