Shark Anatomy
WHEREClassroom - Rotation 1 - 40 min
WHOParent Helper

MATERIALSGray Sandpaper
Shark Template
Shark read aloud OR short video by 7/8th graders
Oil pastels for drawing on sandpaper
Shark Playlist
The Shark, Seaworld Teacher's Guide K-3 [PDF download]
Shark Anatomy
WHAT1. Read a non-fiction story about sharks OR watch a short video about shark anatomy.
2. On a large diagram of a shark, label the following parts of the shark: caudal fin (tail), dorsal fins (top), pectoral fins (below), anal fin (back, bottom), nostril, gill slits, teeth, dermal denticles (skin), spiracles, lateral line, liver and talk about the purpose of each. See Sea World lesson link for more details.
3. Pass out sandpaper and templates to the students.
4. Students will draw or trace the shark patterns on the smooth side of the sandpaper. Once done, the students will label the parts of their shark with the labels provided or by writing them on the shark and then add eyes, gill slits and other marks to the other side with oil pastels.
5. When finished they can work on the puzzle.

After lesson, students can work on pages from their prehistoric seas book on sharks, shark habitat, count the sharks, etc.
LS1.A Structure and function
LS2.A Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
LS1.B Growth and development of organisms
Support for differentiation:
Modification for different grade levels:
Labels will be printed for those who do not want to write the words.
Children are given the option of drawing or tracing the shark.