Polar Bears
Gallery walk → 3 minutes
Discussion about gallery walk → 15-20 minutes
*sometimes 6th graders will do a short presentation
Rotation 1Rotation 2Rotation 3
WHEREBreakout roomClassroom & HallwayClassroom
WHOMiddle school studentsMiddle school studentsMiddle school students
MATERIALSGoogle slideshow
Bean bag toss game
Paw print stamp
Paint & Paper
WHATFood chain
Teaching (presentation)& Game
Learn about paws of the polar bear (parts, etc.)
Make footprints
Look at polar bear fur through microscope
Media - links to sites and games to explore
NGSS Alignment
Full, more detailed outline of standards & progressions → NGSS Progressions
Earth Science
ESS3.C Human impacts on Earth systems
ESS3.D Global climate change

Life Science
LS1.A Structure and function
LS1.C Organization for matter and energy flow in organisms
LS2.A-Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
LS2.B - Cycles of matter & Energy transfer in Ecosystems
LS2.C - Ecosystem dynamics, functioning & resilience
LS4.C Adaptation
LS4.D Biodiversity and humans

Life Science
LS1.A Structure and function
LS4.C Adaptation
Depends on links and activities