Predators vs Prey
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Seventh and Eighth Grade Helpers
Seventh and Eighth Grade Helpers
MATERIALSBooklet pages, Pictures/traits in
Predators and Prey Powerpoint
Cardboard, Glue, Tape, Paper, Pencils, Coloring Materials, Clay
WHATDiscussion of traits of predators and traits of prey. How do the traits of predators help them find or catch the prey? How do the traits of prey help them survive?

Students fill out the traits of predator/prey worksheet (2nd/3rd need 3-4, 4th-6th need 5 or 6). Each trait of the prey should relate to a predator trait (ex. Armor relates to sharp teeth, good hearing relates to camouflage). For second and third grade, this can be done as a group with students calling out traits of predators and others responding with traits of prey. They can pick the ones they want. Once they have their traits, they check it off with a helper then move on to the next step.
Students design a creature that has enough traits of prey to survive well in the prehistoric seas. They use the traits of prey they came up with in the previous part in order to design their prey creature. After they have sketched their idea, they check it with a helper who will OK it then give them their materials to build. They can build out of clay, paper, or cardboard. They can also make a detailed sketch if they want. That detailed sketch should include labels of the traits they used.

If students finish early, they should create the habitat their creature would live in. This can be a drawing that their 3D creature sits on.
Support for differentiation: (ie visual, auditory, written instructions, peer helper, grouping, modifications for different grades)

-Directions will be both written and given auditorily.
-The seventh and eighth graders will give more support to students or groups that need more. If more than two people need to be in a group, that can work as well.
-List of vocabulary words
-Behavior expectations posted - discussed as soon as all students are in the room
NGSS Alignment
Full, more detailed outline of standards & progressions → NGSS Progressions
Life Science
LS3.A Inheritance of Traits
LS3.B Variation of Traits
LS4.B Natural Selection
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