Reef Buddies
Learning objectives/lesson goals:
Students will make a wheel that shows some amazing coral reef partnerships.
Students will name several animals that depend on each other in a coral reef.
Students will describe how these animals help each other.

WHOParent Volunteers, 7/8th grade students
MATERIALScopies of Reef Buddies Wheel
paper plates (cut and uncut)
pictures of coral reefs
crayons or markers
hole punch
paper fasteners
Reef Buddies label (optional)
ACTIVITIES/LEARNING SEQUENCE1. Precut ¼ of the paper plate (one quadrant) and hole punch the center.
2. Show pictures of the following Reef Buddies and discuss their partnerships:
3. Reef Buddies photos
Clownfish & Sea Anemone
Pistol Shrimp & Goby
Hermit Crab & Sea Anemone
Cleaner Fish & Grouper
4. Have students color the pictures on the Reef Buddies Wheel and cut out the big circle along the dashed line.
5. Have students glue the circle to the middle of a paper plate.
6. Have students draw a coral reef design on the precut paper plate. Add label. (optional)
7. Put the precut plate on top of the “reef buddy” plate.
8. Finish the wheel by inserting the paper fastener through the center hole, poking through the plate, and secure in the back.
Differentiation: how will you provide support for different learning abilities? For a complete list click hereDirections given in multiple ways (visual, auditory)
Give a list of information instead of relying on memory or note taking
Provide a summary of information or story
List of vocabulary words given
Use visuals/diagrams liberally
Use graphic organizers
Other: _________________________________________
Number and sequence steps and directions
Allow movement space
Give think time before asking for responses to a question
Check in for understanding of directions
Clear indication of expectations for behavior or work both written and given orally
Break tasks into chunks
Buddy system
NGSS Alignment
Full, more detailed outline of standards & progressions → NGSS Progressions
Earth Science
ESS3.B Natural hazards
Life Science
LS1.A Structure and function
LS1.B Growth and development of organisms
LS2.C - Ecosystem dynamics, functioning & resilience
LS2.D Social interactions and group behavior
Physical Science
PS1.A Structure of matter
Notes, Photos & other resources: