Bird Behavior Scavenger Hunt
Overview & objectives: Students will learn to identify different behavior patterns of birds and explain their function.
Rotation 3
WHOParents and 7th/8th Graders
Check off list
Bird Adaptation Chart
Bird ID book/pictures
ACTIVITIESBackground: Observing birds in the wild is fun but it does take some patience and skill. The observer must be able to find a bird, watch what it is doing and try to identify it-- all in a few moments before it flies away.

Bird behaviors include:
-searching for food
-preening or cleaning their feathers
-scooting in and out of the waves
-flocking (a lot of birds together to escape predators)

1. Sit students in a circle
2. Talk about what makes a bird a bird
--Bird Adaptation Poster: Birds have a variety of adaptations so that each bird is best suited to its environment.
--descriptions (look at the birds at the beach)
3. In pairs give students a clipboard, pencil and bird checklist
4. Walk them around beach and by the creek for about 10 minutes
5. Return to station and have students discuss what they saw and why a particular behavior may or may not help a bird
6. What did you notice? What types of adaptations did you see?
7. In pairs, have students act out one of the behaviors observed and the group tries to guess what they are doing and why
8. A bird’s behavior or adaptation can sometimes help in identifying the bird. Tell one behavior or adaptation that helped you identify the bird and why
9. What was your favorite bird to observe? Why?
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NGSS Alignment
Full, more detailed outline of standards & progressions → NGSS Progressions
Earth ScienceLife Science
LS1.A Structure and function
LS1.B Growth and development of organisms
LS1.D- Information Processing
LS2.A-Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
LS2.C - Ecosystem dynamics, functioning & resilience
LS2.D Social interactions and group behavior
LS3.A-Inheritance of Traits
LS4.A - Evidence of common ancestry
LS4.B - Natural Selection
LS4.C Adaptation
LS4.D Biodiversity and humans
Physical Science